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Byron Bay

Terrafirma Yoga - Teacher Trainings by Tara Fitzgibbon in Byron Bay.





UPCOMING TRAININGS > Brisbane March 22-24th & 29th-31st 2019

Our 50 hour training program is for anyone wishing to dive deeper into their personal yoga practice and for yoga teachers who have completed any level of yoga teaching and any style previously.

We teach traditional Yin Yoga, adding the timeless teachings of Yoga Nidra a Tantric Meditation. This course has a strong influence on the chakras, meridians, fascia, sequencing and adjustments.  The asanas are floor based/seated and these traditional postures are the undoing kind (Yin), not the doing kind (Yang).

This course provides a solid foundation of practice and philosophy geared towards our health. We spend more time practicing the asanas than sitting listening to lectures.  We teach you tools to take with you on life’s journey and to share this wealth of knowledge with others. We teach you how to truly breathe, rest and let go. 

This is essential to living a vital life, this is essential to living right.


  • Teach Yin Yoga asanas safely, and effectively

  • Physical and energetic alignment and benefits of Yin Yoga

  • Modifications of Yin postures using props

  • How to give clear and simple instructions for maximum benefit

  • Teaching methodology - key points for teaching beginners

  • Principles for sequencing Yin Yoga asanas for effective classes.

  • Learn to guide students in and out of Yoga Nidra and Shavasana

  • Effective, appropriate adjustments

  • Study of fascia and meridians

  • Chakras, nadis and the relationship with the spine

  • Learn to teach ujjayi pranayama the yin way.


With 40 contact hours and 10 hours of home practice and preparation once completed you will receive a certificate of completion.

This Yin Yoga training is accredited with Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.