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Byron Bay

Terrafirma Yoga - Teacher Trainings by Tara Fitzgibbon in Byron Bay.

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This was the best yoga class I have ever done. The instructions were clear and precise and I was able to follow easily even though I am a beginner.  I felt at ease in class as Tara made us all feel comfortable and allowed us to to enjoy the practice. - Greg.H

I felt like I was being held in the hands of a Master. - Dave G

This was one of the best yoga teacher trainings I have ever done, don’t change a thing Tara. - Sherly S

Yin Yoga is not about doing, but undoing and Tara, in a knowledgeable and gentle way takes you there. The training is enhanced by external teachers, but Tara also creates a wonderful space, where your fellow yoga teachers share their experience, their perspectives and their emotions. It is a transformative course that will stay with you. - Stuart C

Tara's unique approach to teaching, with longer holds enables greater self-reflection and introspection. Her style is grounded through years of practice both as student and as a teacher. - Julianne M.

Tara, I did your beautiful online meditation tonightJust what I needed. Your voice is so soothing and calming.  Joely D

Thank you for facilitating the yin teacher training. I honestly believe it was the best training I’ve had and I can already see a transformation in how I teach. I always take on too much and I am always too busy, what I learned from this training was the need to slow down. I loved everything about this course. Thank you. - Emma G

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The love, time, energy and care you’ve taken to put this course together. Can’t wait for level 2. - Annia B

Tara you have a wonderful reputation preceding you! I got so much from your course- a real life-changing experience for sure. I hadn't expected it to change me in such a wonderful way, it was intense, and you were so very kind, generous, inspiring and authentic. Karen D

I'd love to do it all over again (teacher training), just loved it!  Linda W

I was chatting with a past trainee of yours, she was completely blown away by it! She said it was the best thing she's ever done and she didn't realise it was possible to be so relaxed.  Penny T

Absolutely amazing treatment (1:1).  I was in a yoga nidra state and I felt totally aligned once I came to.  Emma F