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Byron Bay

Terrafirma Yoga - Teacher Trainings by Tara Fitzgibbon in Byron Bay.

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"Peace comes not from doing but from undoing, not from getting but letting go…"




Yin Yoga is as old as traditional Hatha Yoga, it just never had a name until the 21st Century and yin yoga is fast becoming the most popular style of yoga today.

Modern day, busy lifestyles need balance. Yin is the balance to the Yang. Yin is cooling, slow, receptive and feminine in nature. Yang is heating, fast, active and masculine in nature. Men and women are falling in love with this style of yoga practice.

We teach traditional Yin Yoga and we add the timeless teachings of Tantra with a strong influence on the chakras and sequencing to potentially awaken Kundalini energy. Taoism and its roots with Traditional Chinese Medicine and meridians is included. The asanas are floor based/seated and these traditional postures are the undoing kind of yoga, not the doing kind. Yin and Yang.

Yin yoga slows us down and in turn supports our adrenals and activates our parasympathetic nervous system - the rest and digest. Most of us live in the sympathetic nervous system- the fight and flight.  This is causing so many to be unwell. In a yin class we breathe more, we rest deeper and we let go of tension and tightness. This is the key to optimal health. 

A yin yoga class goes well beyond a few simple stretches.  We target the deeper layers of the body- the connective tissue, joints, fascia and bones.

We hold the poses for longer so the physical focus is much deeper than in a general yoga class and this time creates reflection of the Self.  Layer by layer, breath by breath a true letting go occurs.  Wisdom comes from letting go.

Yin yoga is a more meditative approach and I like to think of it as the undoing kind of practice.  Life is overflowing with doing, it is time to slow down and be still.  

You make your way into the pose, and instead of doing, you just be. 


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