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Byron Bay

Terrafirma Yoga - Teacher Trainings by Tara Fitzgibbon in Byron Bay.





Tara (pronounced 'Terra') has been teaching yoga since the year 2000 and training yoga teachers since 2011.  Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada she moved to Byron Bay, Australia in 1997.  Where she attended her first yoga class and fell in love with yoga during Shavasana. 

Tara’s unique approach to teaching, soothing voice and compassionate manner reflect her deep knowledge of yoga.  "She has a magical way of guiding you into deeper states of being and into the present moment." Anna S.

This is working with the body in a precise and compassionate way. “When you hold the asana a little longer and consciously breathe into that place of discomfort, layer by layerbreath by breath an unraveling occurs. A true letting go.”  Says Tara.

Terrafirma Yoga is named after the sound of her first name.  Terra also meaning Earth.  The word firm in Sanskrit is sthira.  One of Pantanajali's Yoga sutras is 'Sthira, Sukham, Asanam'.  This translates as firm, happy, pose - a balance between effort and ease. 

Based in the renowned surfing town and yoga capital of Australia -Byron Bay. Tara runs Yin Yoga courses, retreats and teacher trainings in this special part of the world. She is also the head yoga teacher at Elements of Byron Resort. 


Her biggest influences are Bernie Clark from Canada & Swami Nirmalananda aka Rama Berch from the USA.

Yoga Nidra Training with Swami Mukti (Brisbane) 2019

35 hours Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Lainie Jenkins (Brisbane) 2019

25 hours Yoga for Teens with Chloe Thorogood (Byron Yoga Centre) 2019

‘LOVE WORKS’ Tantra Teacher Training Course with Diane and Kerry Riley (Byron Bay, Australia) 2016

50 hours Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark (Vancouver, Canada) 2015

100 hours Pre and Post Natal Yoga with Bliss Baby Yoga (Byron Bay, Australia) 2014

110 hours Yoga Therapy with Maria Kirsten (Byron Bay, Australia) 2013

Certificate IV including Yoga Nidra with Byron Yoga Centre 2012

 500 hours Level 1 & 2 Purna Yoga with Byron Yoga Centre  2011

 80 hours Embodyment Yoga Therapy with Rama Berch (Brisbane, Australia) 2007

80 hours Foundations of Svaroopa Yoga with Master Yoga Academy (La Jolla, California) 2006

250 hours Hatha and Yin style Yoga Teacher Training with Master Yoga Academy (La Jolla, California) 2000