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Byron Bay

Terrafirma Yoga - Teacher Trainings by Tara Fitzgibbon in Byron Bay.

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Why Yin Yoga?

Tara Fitzgibbon

I'm often asked what is so special about Yin Yoga. Many believe it's just a slow and easy yoga class. It may be a passive practice, but there are immense hidden benefits. Yin is unique in that you are asked to soften and relax into each posture letting go of tension breath by breath, layer by layer. This process of letting go takes time and so each pose is held for 3-10 minutes. The slowing down process is meditative, breath-focused and physical all at once. And let me assure you, it is not easy to take it slow and be fully present in each moment.

A slower approach to yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system, our rest and digest. Why is this important? We are over-worked, over-stressed and a fear of life or fear of survival is wreaking havoc on our adrenals and nervous system. This is not good news for short or long term health. Yin is turning that around and resetting our entire nervous system. It also increases mobility in the joints, strengthens the bones, teaches us how to cope with anxiety and depression and gives us permission to rest.  This is the key to transformation, this permission to be still and rest.